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Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Bill Pay


Harvard Pilgrim and its group of organizations give medical advantage projects, plans, and administrations to in excess of 3,000,000 clients in New England and the past. The main not-revenue driven well being administration organization, they control the individuals and the networks they serve–to better well being.


Established by specialists almost fifty years back, they’re expanding on their inheritance. In an organization with our broad organization of specialists and clinics, they’re improving well being results and bringing down expenses through clinical quality and imaginative consideration the board.


Features of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care:


  • Find out about the group of Harvard Pilgrim organizations that are satisfying their central goal to improve the quality and estimation of medical care for the individuals and networks we serve.
  • Get some answers concerning the significance of value; their quality accomplishments and activities to improve the nature of care; how they perceive supplier quality; and how you can deal with assistance guarantee you get quality consideration.


Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Online Bill Pay:


  • To pay the bill online open the webpage www.harvardpilgrim.org
  • As the page opens at top right click on ‘Member login’ button.


  • In the next screen provide username, password and hit on ‘Log in’ button.


Recover Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Login Credentials:


  • To recover the login details open the website www.harvardpilgrim.org
  • After the page opens in the login homepage hit on ‘Forgot password or username’ button.


  • In the next screen provide the required details follow the prompts.


Create Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Account:


  • To create the account open the page www.harvardpilgrim.org
  • As the page appears in the login homepage hit on ‘Create a secure account’ button.

Harvard Pilgrim_Health_Care_Login

  • In the next screen provide the necessary details now proceed with the prompts.


Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Bill Pay by Phone:


  • You must have the payment initials and pay the bill through phone number.
  • You have to call on (888) 333-4742.

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Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Bill Pay by Mail:


  • You can also pay the bill through mail.
  • Post it to: Premium Cash Department, 4th Floor, Attn: Individual Market. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. 1600 Crown Colony Drive. Quincy, MA 02169.


Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Behavioral Health Treatment Options:


  • Prescription: Medications for conduct ailments can be endorsed by your essential consideration doctor or other qualified clinician. Drug frequently assumes a critical part in treating certain emotional wellness and substance-use issues. It can help decrease indications and forestall backslides for specific analyses. Drug can likewise help limit yearnings and keep up forbearance from substances.
  • Virtual Visits: Online virtual visits, additionally called tale-psychological well-being, are accessible to all Harvard Pilgrim individuals. Clinicians give treatment by means of secure and HIPAA- consistent video conferencing as opposed to face to face. Virtual meetings offer improved admittance to really focus and adaptability on individuals. Virtual visits may likewise be coordinated with face to face talk treatment.
  • Gathering/Family Sessions: Group treatment meetings are driven by clinicians with particular preparing who show bunch individuals demonstrated systems for overseeing explicit issues. In case you’re engaged with a substance-use problem or outrage the executives gathering, for instance, the clinician will depict deductively tried systems for dealing with these conditions.
  • Self-Care: Behavioral well being treatment is frequently enhanced by network projects, for example, self-improvement and care groups, just as taking care of self-care practice, for example, getting standard exercise and having good dieting propensities, which are important for an all-encompassing way to deal with improving emotional well-being.
  • Advances of Care: Their consideration the board programs uphold individuals from inpatient care to release and past. They will associate individuals released from office based consideration to proper subsequent consideration and backing, consequently decreasing the opportunity of future read missions.
  • More Elevated Levels of Care: Partial medical clinic and serious outpatient programs are normally controlled at a medical services facility. These sorts of projects run three times each week to day by day and incorporate individual and gathering treatment, appraisal and checking of treatment plan progress, and versatility and adapting abilities training.


Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Contact Details:


For more details call on (888) 888-4742. (617) 509-1000.


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