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How to Pay REI Cooperative MasterCard Bill


In case you’re an REI follower this card could move to the highest point of your wallet. The invite reward alone is a vivacious motivating force to evaluate this card. Be that as it may, the prizes are restricted to REI profits, and profits are just paid once every year.


While you can demand cashback, the cycle isn’t simple. On the off chance that you search for the best arrangement on outside stuff or are searching for a card with an assortment of advantages, this card will crash and burn.


Features of REI Cooperative MasterCard:


  • Apply for the REI Co-operation World Elite MasterCard, and whenever endorsed, cause a buy inside two months and you’ll to acquire a hundred-dollar REI gift voucher.
  • No yearly charge
  • Procure five percent back on buys at REI
  • Procure two percent back on versatile wallet buys
  • Procure one percent back wherever else
  • Become your REI Annual Dividend: The five, two, and one prizes acquired with your card are on top of your part profit
  • Secure the spots you love: When you make a buy with your REI Co-operation World Elite MasterCard, they give to projects that improve the outside spots they all affection to investigate
  • Utilize your Annual Dividend for REI experience travel and they’ll diminish the outing cost by half of the profit sum you use.


Rates of REI Cooperative MasterCard:


  • Regular APR is 12.49%–24.49%
  • Late Fee is $40
  • Returned Payment Fee is $35
  • There is no Foreign Transaction Fee
  • Cash Advance APR is 24.99%
  • Cash Advance Fee is 4%


REI Cooperative MasterCard Bill Payment:


  • For the bill payment open the page www.reimastercard.com
  • As the page opens at top right click on ‘Cardmember login’ button.

rei mastercard bill pay

  • You have to provide the user ID, password and hit on ‘Login’ button.


REI Cooperative MasterCard Login Details:


  • To recover user IDopen the page www.reimastercard.com
  • You have to click on‘Forgot user ID’ button. Enter the card number and click on ‘Continue’ button.

rei mastercard customer service

  • To reset password click on ‘Forgot password?’ button. Provide the user ID to proceed further.


REI Cooperative MasterCard Bill Auto Payment:


  • For the auto payment open the page www.reimastercard.com
  • Once the page appears you have to login.
  • You have to proceed with the prompts.
  • You can also pay through your mobile.

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REI Cooperative MasterCard Bill Pay by Phone:



REI Cooperative MasterCard Bill Pay by Mail:


  • You can also pay the bill through mail.
  • Post it to: P.O. Box 790408. St. Louis, MO 63179-0408.


REI Cooperative MasterCard More Benefits:


  • Forbes Advisor assesses that our average family would burn through $4,110 in diversion costs in a year. On the off chance that you made these buys at REI, you would acquire $205.50 in card profits. What’s more, our family unit normally burns through $3,185 on movement, acquiring $159.25 in the event that you spent your movement spending plan on REI Adventures.
  • On the off chance that the REI MasterCard is your essential card, income could pile up to an extra $191.15 on $19,115 of yearly spending than can be sensibly charged to a MasterCard for an aggregate of $555.90 in profits notwithstanding your welcome reward.
  • To show up at this number, Forbes Advisor utilizes information from different government offices to decide both gauge pay and spending midpoints across different classes. The 70th percentile of blue collar families gets $100,172 every year and has $52,820 in standard costs. Expecting half of such costs are charged to this card, absolute yearly card spending would be $26,410.
  • Consistent with the open air experience soul of REI, the organization will give $0.10 to an ecological reason for each buy charged to the card. The current assigned cause is the REI Foundation, focused on rewind urban areas and keep wild places wild; interface underrepresented gatherings to the outside; show nature’s medical advantages; and advance atmosphere activity.
  • Probably the best card highlights are the additional advantages of wireless security and excursion wiping out protection. Be that as it may, the REI Visa will just acquire 1% back for movement other than REI Adventure excursions and mobile phone installments.


REI Cooperative MasterCard Customer Information:


To get more information call on 877-734-6060.


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