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How to Pay Your CareSource Bill


The CareSource mission of having an enduring effect in individuals’ lives by improving their wellbeing and prosperity was the impetus for building up a few projects that focus on the social determinants of wellbeing. The Life Services program is intended to upgrade the financial result of Medicaid individuals by tending to their special requirements through life training, admittance to assets, and open positions. Life Services is generally perceived in the overseen care industry for collaborating with network offices in the interest of individuals to diminish reliance on administrative administrations.


Payment Tips:

  • Covering your tab on the web or by telephone are the quickest ways for CareSource to get and post your installment.
  • On the off chance that you are another enroll in a CareSource plan, pay everything due on your first bill to ensure your inclusion produces results.
  • Pay your expenses as right on time as conceivable every month. This allows us to measure and post your installment to your record.
  • In the event that you fall behind in your installments, pay everything because to ensure you keep your inclusion and advantages.
  • You may likewise be liable for paying other medical care costs. Different expenses may incorporate coinsurance, deductible, and co payments. These expenses are clarified in the Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms found on the Plan Documents page.


CareSource Bill Payment:

  • For the payment open the webpage www.caresource.com
  • Once the page appears at top right click on ‘Login’ button.

caresource billing process

  • You have to choose your profile from member and provider.
  • You need to follow the prompts after you choose the account and proceed with the login.


CareSource Bill Pay by Phone:

  • You must have the payment initials and pay the bill.
  • You have to call on 1-800-479-9502 (TTY: 1-800-750-0750).
  • You can use a credit card, debit card or bank transfer.


CareSource Bill Pay by Mail:


CareSource Member Benefits and Services:

  • Zero-dollar Copay for Primary Care Visits: At CareSource, they accept the most ideal route for you to remain sound and effortless is to see your PCP routinely not just exactly when you need to. Along these lines, they ensure it’s anything but difficult to manage. Their CareSource Dual Advantage plan offers $0 copays to visit your essential consideration supplier.
  • Preventive Services with zero-dollar Copay. Their CareSource Dual Advantage plan covers numerous preventive administrations, for example, yearly wellbeing visits, antibodies, mammograms, and more with no copay!
  • LOW Rx Copays: And to add to your reserve funds, their copays for prescriptions are low. Zero-dollar copayment for some nonexclusive medications! That incorporates the most much of the time recommended meds.
  • Dental Benefits: You can get dental tests and cleanings like clockwork with no copy’s! Besides, our CareSource Dual Advantage plans offer extensive dental advantages, including inclusion for false teeth, extractions, and root channels through a $1,500 to $2,000 yearly remittance.

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  • Vision and Hearing: Isn’t it ideal to realize that your arrangement incorporates inclusion for hearing and eye tests? Vision inclusion incorporates a $250 yearly stipend for glasses or contact and a free eye test. Hearing advantages incorporate a $1,000 recompense for every ear for portable amplifiers through a Choice Discount Program.
  • Over the Counter Benefits: Receive a quarterly advantage of $125 to $190 contingent upon where you live to pay for normally utilized things.
  • The Silver Fit Fitness Program: You can get fit at your neighborhood wellness focus or in the solace of your own home. Their arrangements incorporate an assortment of taking an interest wellness focuses the nation over, at no extra expense to you. You may decide to get up to two home wellness packs with recordings and hardware to make you move at no extra expense.
  • Feast Delivery: Meal benefits incorporate two dinners for each day for about fourteen days after an inpatient emergency clinic release.


CareSource Contact Support:

If you want further support call on the toll-free number 1-800-488-0134.


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