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Perform in the Slug and Lettuce Survey and Win Various Offers!!!


About Slug and Lettuce Survey :

The Slug and Lettuce are very keen on customer fulfillment. So, Slug and Lettuce arranged this survey to know about the likes and dislikes of the customers for the improvement of their service and products to acquire the market condition. And they also pay attention to their employee behavior and their product superiority and accessibility of the products. To know about such facts which will help the company to upgrade its product and services as per market conditions, they are taking this survey.

When a consumer of Slug and Lettuce will take the survey, they can easily make an overview of their disabilities. They also want to know about the locations, which are the customer’s favorites and which are not so likely to the customers from this customer feedback. To link the company and the consumers this survey is very essential to take. Are they capable to fulfil the customer’s needs or not? Slug and Lettuce want to make your coming visit more contented and reasonable.

In the current state of affairs, the competition level is very high in this type of hospitality industry. There are numerous companies to compete with. Every company that has its place in this industry is furiously trying to best their service and products and for these circumstances, customer fulfillment surveys are required to take. And the company is just doing that.

But nowadays in this busy world, no one pays consideration for this type of survey. So, the company takes an idea to turn its customers towards the survey they put the reward in the process. And this process also has some rules and requirements to take the survey. If you don’t follow the survey rules and requirements then you cannot take the survey smoothly. So, before taking the survey you must follow the rules and requirements for taking the survey without any hesitation.


Slug and Lettuce Survey Prize :

Once you complete the survey then you will able to take the survey rewards. After completing the survey, a coupon code will generate, and with the help of that coupon code, you can get your rewards. The reward will be given based on your true feedback so take the survey very honestly and give the genuine feedbacks

You can get a discount offer from The Slug and Lettuce as your actual reward when you visit the store next time.

And your reward can be different from others so you have to check your receipt to know about your prize. You will only get that as your prize what is printed on your receipt.


Slug and Lettuce Survey Rules and Requirements :

To perform and complete the survey you have to obey some rules and requirements. These rules and requirements are set to make the participants eligible for the survey and fulfill the needs to perform the survey. Some arrangements have to make before taking the survey. The requirements will tell the participants about the arrangements. The rules and requirements are as follows.

  • To perform Slug and Lettuce Survey participants must be legal residents of the United Kingdom. Because this survey is only open for United Kingdom residents.
  • To perform this survey participants must acquire the age of majority. That means participants must be 18 years old to perform this survey.
  • A smart electronic gadget like a smartphone or computer or laptop is needed to perform this survey. this gadget is needed to access the internet also.
  • As this is an online survey so you must have a stable network connection to access the internet. It is important to connect your device to the internet to perform this survey online.
  • To perform this survey participants must have a buy receipt from The Slug and Lettuce store. And you have to make sure that your receipt is recent and have a survey invitation which is needed to take this survey.
  • Participants can take or participate in this survey for one time only because this survey is limited to one-time participation.
  • Working employees of the Slug and Lettuce and their family members are not allowed to participate. And the Slug and Lettuce affiliated companies, agents, and sponsors are also not allowed to perform this survey.
  • Your offer is not transferable or cannot be combined with other offers. And you cannot handover your reward to anyone for cash or an alternative option.
  • It is important to have a valid email id to perform the survey and to get the coupon code to get the reward.


How to Perform Slug and Lettuce Survey :

When you get to know that you are eligible for the survey then take the survey without wasting any time. Take the survey genuinely to win the reward. And don’t forget to make the arrangements which are must to have for performing the survey. and to take the survey without any hesitation you can follow the steps which are mentioned below.

  • To perform this survey, you have to browse this link www.lettuceknow.co to visit the survey site.
  • Then you have to enter the venue name which you visited last time from a dropdown list and then click on the “Submit” button to proceed.

Slug and Lettuce Survey

  • After that, you have to click on the “Start” button to start the survey.
  • Now you will enter the question-answer page. Try to answer honestly.
  • Rate their products and services as per your general satisfaction and overall understandings.
  • The questions will be asked about your overall experience and understanding. You have to tell them about the Slug and Lettuce food quality quantity, price, store location and atmosphere, staff behavior, and other services.
  • Do answer every question to complete the survey and get the coupon code and you can win the discount offer or free food on your next visit.


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About Slug and Lettuce :

Slug and Lettuce is a bar chain that operates in the United Kingdom. It is a private limited company and belonging to the hospitality industry. Slug and Lettuce were established in the year 1985 in Islington, London. Hugh Corbett was the founder person of Slug and Lettuce. Now Slug and Lettuce are headquartered in Luton, Bedfordshire. It has more than 15 hundred employees working for them. presently it is owned by Stonegate Pub Company.


Slug and Lettuce Contact :

03300 940135


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