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Answer Simple Questions and Get a Chance to Win Converse Gift Card

Overview of Converse

In 1908, Converse Rubber Shoe Company was founded by Marquis Mills Converse at Malden, Massachusetts with a capital investment of around $ 250000.

In 1917, converse start making basketball shoes that made converse into the limelight and a cultural Icon. In 1912, Chuck Taylor, the Hall of fame Alum lent his signature and name to the sneaker manufactured by converse and this is what the shoe produced by the company become the most selling basketball shoes.

In early 1970, converse starts diverse its product into new merchandise like hockey pucks, teeth guards, sports shoes and industrial boots. They also split their sales into different sectors like the individual, footwear, and sporting goods.

Converse starts collaborating with big brands like Simpsons, Black Sabbath, and Nike.

Converse wants to get feedback from the consumer, so they can increase customer satisfaction with the brand and that’s why they are conduction online customer satisfaction surveys.

Who is Eligible for Converse?

  • If you have a recent receipt from a Converse store that contains the information required for the survey.
  • If you are at least 16 years of age
  • If you have a good internet connection
  • If you possess a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop.
  • You should know English, Spanish or Japanese to complete the survey
  • If you are not attended 2 attempts per household in 7 days period
  • And of course, if you have 20 minutes of your time to complete the online converse consumer feedback survey.

How to Answer Simple Questions and Get a Chance to Win Converse Gift Card?

  • You need to go www.myconversevisit.com
  • Next, a pop-up message will appear, that confirm that you are at least 16 years of age and click continue to process
  • Now, select your preferred languages between English, Espanol, and Japanese and click continue


Answer a Few Simple Questions and Get a Chance to Win Converse Gift Card


  • Now, you are required to enter information found on your receipts like store number, date of purchase, time of visit, transaction Id and purchase amount, and click next to process


Answer Simple Questions and Get a Chance to Win Converse Gift Card


  • Then, you will be asked the question based on your satisfaction for the store visit, how is the behavior of employees, how attentive they are, etc.
  • You will then need to talk about the process of checkout and how long you had to wait in line to get help
  • and, after a couple of questions based on your overall shopping experience and your personal information click next to submit

Finally, you have completed the survey and a bit away from winning the prize.

What are the Rewards?

  • You will get a chance to share your opinion and thoughts, how do you want to change the overall shopping experience for the future
  • And, you will get a chance to win the gift card and you will able to redeem the gift card on your next visit to a Converse store.

If you need any further assistance, guidance for the survey or any inquiries related to services or product you can contact the company through the following options


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How to Contact?

  • you can contact them through official webpage www.converse.com
  • you can also contact them through post mail Converse Headquarter, 1 High street, #6 North Andover, MA 01845
  • you can reach them over the phone call at – 1-888-792-3307, 1-978-983-3300
  • They are on social media also

Facebook – www.facebook.com/converse

Twitter – twitter.com/converse

Instagram – www.instagram.com/converse

Tumblr – converse.tumblr.com

YouTube – www.youtube.com/users/converse


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