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Subaru Participation Procedure

Overview of Subaru

Do you want your car to be future-ready just like we see in sci-fiction Films! Participate in the Subaru owner survey and share your thought and experience about the car so, that the company can build future generation cars.

Subaru is one of the biggest car manufacturers in terms of worldwide production. In 1915, the company originated as the Aircraft Research Laboratory. The company was one of the major aircraft manufacturers in Japan during World War II. In 1932, the company reorganized by Chikuhei Nakajima. After World War 2 Company first produces the Fuji Rabbit scooter. Fuji

Heavy Industries’ CEO Kenji Kita name the company Subaru means “Pleiades star cluster “. Subaru is the first automobile company that employs boxer engine layout and most of its engine is greater than 1500 cc, all while powerful drive, etc. since 1972. The company gets a 5-star rating, assessments conducted throughout various countries around the world in terms of design and safety.

Subaru wants to retain their customer even after sales and service, that’s why they are conduction an “online owner’s survey” to get the slice of consumer minds and their future expectations from the company.

Know Your Eligibility

  • You must be a Subaru consumer
  • You get an invitation from Subaru only, then after you are eligible to participate
  • you should possess a laptop/desktop, smart devices or tablet
  • Have a basic knowledge of English to complete the survey
  • You should have a personal ID that Subaru provides you through an invitation letter
  • You must comply with their terms and condition and their terms regarding privacy policy.
  • and last but not least, you are willing to spend 10 minutes of your valuable time

Participation Procedure

  • As it is invitation participation only, get your Id first from Subaru
  • Now, to begin with, go to www.survey.subaru.com
  • give your ID and enter “go” to participate


Subaru Participation Procedure

  • And, answer according to your experience and thoughts about the product and the company

Manufacturer aims to gather consumer feedback and help them to “build your own car’ mission a success.

If, you need any further assistance, guidance for the survey or any inquiries related to services or product you can contact the company through the following options


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How to Contact?

  • The company have a specific department for a specific task like for technical support Call – 1-866-428-2278

For, customer service you can call – 1-800-782-2783

And, for Subaru personnel and Subaru dealer call – 1-800-762-7827

  • you can contact Subaru through regional websites


  • You can send your inquiries via post mail –

Subaru of America Inc., Subaru Plaza. P.O box 6000, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034-6000

  • This Car manufacturer giant is also on the social networking site

Facebook – www.facebook.com/SUBARU.GLOBAL

Twitter – twitter.com/subaru_usa

Instagram- www.instagram.com/subaru_usa/

YouTube – www.youtube.com/user/subaruglobaltv

Reference www.survey.subaru.com

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